Tamás Pakuts



Tamás is an airline and hospitality professional, having worked within aviation, tourism and hospitality industries for over 25 years in different positions:


- in the field of general management,

- people- and talent-management,

- coaching,

- consulting,

- crisis management,

- project management,

- sales & marketing,


Tamás developed a wide range of skills, that would meet and exceed the expectations for the industry. Review of his credentials will confirm, that he can be the right catalyst for:


- successful and profitable operations,

- marketing & sales activities,

- customer loyality and relationship manegement,

- business development,

- yield- and revenue management,

- price-control and strategies, budgets.


With strong leadership-, communication- and presentation-skills, one of his greatest strength is the ability to build relationships within and outside the company.


Tamás is an artist in:


- leadership

- coaching & consulting

- business development

- peoples’ management and outsourcing

- sales & marketing

- yield- and revenue-management

- pricing and price-strategies

- communication


- team-building

- unusual technics

- service-management

- problem-solving

- analytical skills

- P&L management

- market research


Tamás is also a hobby-artist in:


- oil-painting

- collage

- graphics